Security everywhere

Your Service is protected even in the event of an attack.
Protected all your users' personal data.
In a simple and automatic way

Protect on your Platform

  • It installs in existing apps
  • Automatically Encrypt your data
  • Stay safe from hackers and grow your business
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We protect even in the event of an attack

Our encryption protects your data even in the event of an attack.
This is our main innovation that makes EABlock better than an antivirus

EABlock is Encryption and Security
on your platform

Thanks to the versatility of our technology we are able to protect all kinds of data, to create secure web, mobile, and desktop applications that integrate seamlessly with existing solutions.

GDPR compliant

All your data belongs to you and we are unable to access it.

Protects even in the event of an attack

No one can stop the attacks but with encryption we can prevent them from doing damage

Certified by External Pentesting

Our technology has been certified through pentesting (simulated attacks by ethical hackers) and its effectiveness is therefore proven.

Versatile solution

It adapts to different types of websites and can also be applied to Mobile and Desktop APPS.

Easy to install

For developers it is a plugin to install on the website or ecommerce.

End-to-End Encryption

Thanks to encryption in the event of an attack, a hacker would only see non-sense letters and numbers.

Increase security, Don't change the User Experience

EABlock integrates into your platform in an invisible way.



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