Your Safe Business
Every day thousands of eyes look at you. Thousands of hackers try to have access to your company’s data.

Close their eyes, save your business

We live in a world of data

Data is about life.

How important is life?

The cyber security revolution

We protect your business from dangerous eyes.

EABlock is the first Software for business data management really immune to every hacker attack.

We have chosen an ambitious mission: to fight cybercrime. A silent and unstoppable world that ruins people and companies every day, accumulating more capital of the drug market.

After careful research we realized that to win this battle we would have to build a new solution. A new solution that finally considered security a priority from the early stages of design.

So by the Blockchain technology and combining different cryptographic languages, we have developed a new revolutionary technology.

A formula that makes our product able to approach to 0% the chances of being damaged by cyber attacks.



We imagine a future in which companies can express their potential and they can pursue their mission without having to fear the numerous and constant threats of criminals on the web
hacking is simple

“Statistically speaking, regardless of its size and field of activity, nowadays every organization, will have come under a significant cyber-attack by the next 12 months for sure.”

Clusit, 2017

  • 70% of world companies risk a cyber attack
  • On average each company suffers 130 attacks per year
  • Cybercrime will be the first problem in 2020

Security and innovation with certified technology.




Thanks to encryption it’s possible to guarantee Maximum data security, making them inacessible to hackers in case of intrusion.

It is the best information defense system because it is based on the certainty of mathematics.

What would Hackers see in case of attack?
Only strings of numbers and letters.



Blockchain is a disruptive technology with a revolutionary potential based on a distributed database.

Thanks to our private Blockchain we are able to take advantage of distributed architecture and consensus mechanism to provide an excellent service, safe and quality.

No operation not previously approved shall be implemented.

Make your company safe!

We offer different solutions, choose the most suitable for you

The constant dialogue with our clients allows us to build applications that meet all the different needs. Versatility, usability and reliability are the key words of our products.

We imagined a simple and intuitive app, that keep data safe, designed for small and medium-sized enterprises.

An extremely secure solution that allows you to save data in cloud by organizing it according to your preferences.

We know how important it is to manage customer data and at the same time ensure their safety. Thefts of these types of data are the most common and damaging.

That’s why we built a collaborative, feature-rich, intuitive and finally secure CRM.

Get a quote designed specifically to suit your needs.

Do you have a company with special needs?

Thanks to our technology we are able to build customized solutions: CRM, ERP, process management, secure storage, management of sensors and industrial 4.0

Call us to deepen your demands.

e- commerce SOLUTION
E-commerce are one of the favorite targets of hacker attacks because they contain a lot of personal information that can be stolen in a few minutes.

Our technology we can protect you!

Downloading a simple plugin you don’t need to change your e-commerce: every time you inserts new data, they are transferred to our application and they are made inaccessible to hackers.



Ask for the app demo
Our Strenghts



GDPR Compliance


Protection even in case of attack


Certified technology by an ethical hacker


Application versatility


Different levels of communication

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