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Encryption and Blockchain
A new hacker-resistant technology
The evolution of cybersecurity.
Probability of being harmed by cyberattacks is close to 0%
Cybercrime doesn’t stop because antivirus and old technologies try to remedy it reactively when it’s too late. They are not able to keep up with new threats.

We use a different approach: when we can’t stop attacks, we can prevent them from doing damage.
We’ve combined two security best practices:  encryption and blockchain, building a technology immune to 99.99% of hacker attacks.

Technology certified by an ethical hacker
Ready to use
Our technology is certified externally by a professional, ethical hacker. It is ready to use for each platform and customizable.
Its complex structure ensures that no hackers can read and steal data, and no unauthorized user can access it.
Invisible and powerful technology
The only one that can protect data even in the event of an attack
The certainty of mathematics.
Thanks to encryption, we can ensure maximum data security, making it inaccessible to hackers in the event of an intrusion. It is the best system for defending corporate information because it uses the certainties of mathematics.

What would hackers see in the event of an attack?
Only strings of numbers and letters.

This is because data is made secure by End-To-End encryption, the most reliable form of protection that exists today, powered by the TweetNaCl cryptographic algorithm certificates.

Cryptographic algorithms have been verified and approved by both the U.S. National Science Foundation and the Norwegian scientific research organization.


The security of the distributed database.
Blockchain is an innovative technology with disruptive potential based on a distributed database.

Thanks to our private Blockchain, we can take advantage of the decentralized architecture and consent mechanism to deliver an excellent, safe, and quality service.
Only previously approved operations can be implemented.

The Blockchain is private, has no costs for transactions, and allows for resilient infrastructure, based on cryptography and at the same time fast and confidential.

Thanks to the distribution and consent mechanism, fraudulent modifications are not possible, and the danger of losing data is minimized.
In this way, the data, in addition to being inaccessible, are not considered “personal” by the GDPR.

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