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You can easily install the system in sites and e-commerce made with compatible platforms.


If you have a custom site or built with another platform, contact us. We can evaluate integration.

Same experience, more security.
The technology works without affecting the user and site management experience.

Encryption is automatic on every checkout data: customer data, orders, billings, and payments.

Users place orders as usual, but in the event of an attack, no data will be present in cleartext on the internet.

You can continue to sell as you always have, managing the data in the admin area of the site or your CRM platform.

Encryption and more.
In addition to protecting data through encryption, the system also protects your site from two dangerous and frequent threats:

Website Defacing
The illicit change of a website’s homepage

Unlawful and expected interference, sabotage, and site changes

One app to stay safe.
Along with the plugin, we offer you a simple app to download into your smartphone to increase the level of security.

The app will make it easier and more secure to manage site access estates and allow you to make reliable backups of all data.

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