Security for your website made simple

Protect your customers’ data with encryption
The only plugin that protects your site even in the event of an attack
Install in a click on your website or eCommerce
Automatically encrypt and protect each form
Stay safe from hackers and grow your business
77% of consumers put IT security and the Privacy of their data in the third place when choosing an eCommerce
Give your customers what they expect
Save time and money. Get trust. Earn more.
It’s simple
Installs in one click!
Ready to use protection for website and major eCommerce platforms.

Install the plugin in your eCommerce, protect privacy and continue to sell from your site as you always have.

It’s safe
Security is invisible, but there is
Thanks to its elaborate architecture and proprietary and certified technology, the system that connects with the site can encrypt the data automatically whenever an operation occurs.
Management experience remains the same.

The technology, based on the scientific solidity of encryption and the potential of blockchain, ensures a level of security far superior to the state-of-the-art.

It’s an opportunity
Security makes you money
Good cyber defense system increases customer satisfaction by 140%. Customers would spend 20% more having the security guarantee for their personal and financial data.

Secure eCommerce, as well as a lower cost, is an opportunity for growth.


More than one antivirus
We protect you in the event of an attack
We offer the first technology that can protect data even in the event of an intrusion.
What sets us apart from standard antivirus is the proactive approach: when we can’t stop attacks, we can prevent them from doing damage.

Cybercrime doesn’t stop because antivirus and old technologies try to remedy it reactively when it’s too late. They are not able to keep up with new threats.


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How secure is your website?
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It’s important
Each site suffers 62 attacks per day
Hacking is simple, so the web is full of threats.
Don’t risk losing your customers’ trust.

Protecting your website and the data contained within it, as well as respecting the law and avoiding huge fines, means having your customers at heart.

In a hyper-connected world, every datum encloses a piece of life. Protecting data and Privacy means protecting a large part of life itself.


Do you need a customized solution?
Thanks to the versatility of our technology, we can protect any type of data, to create web and mobile applications and to integrate with existing solutions.

GDPR Compliance


Protection even in case of attack


Certified technology by an ethical hacker


Technology versatility


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